Paul Chen Practical Tai Chi Sword

These Tai Chi Swords by CAS Hanwei are 34.5" overall featuring a steel guard and pommel. The swords are correctly balanced and the the 28" unsharpened blades are crafted in fully tempered high-carbon steel. The flattened-diamond blade section produces a blade that is moderately stiff, while still allowing for some flexibility. Swords have a black composite handgrip and includes a black composite scabbard with nickel silver fittings. The handle length is 6.5", point of balance is 4" and the weight is 1lb 3oz.

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Practical Katana.

The Practical Katana SH107 represent CAS's most popular sword, offering excellent quality at a great price. The blades are hand forged high carbon steel and are differentially tempered using a traditional claying method to produce a HRC60 on the edge (ha) and a HRC40 on the back (mune) with a medium (chu) kissaki. The temper line (hamon) is authentic and prominent. The fittings (koshirae) are superbly antiqued adding to the aesthetics of the set. The saya is done in a deep black lacquer and the sageo is black Japanese cotton. The tsuka-ito is wrapped in synthetic leather with great gripping characteristics and imitation ray skin (same) is used. While making no claims to authenticity, are very strongly built to withstand the rigors of cutting exercises (tameshigiri).

Overall Length: 39-1/2" Blade: 27-1/4" Handle: 11-1/4" Thickness: .27" Weight: 2lbs 5oz

Retail Price $275.00             SPECIAL  $234

Nami Ryu Iaito Katana 26" blade

The Nami Ryu Katana by CAS Hanwei is a light (less than 2lbs.) and extremely well balanced sword  and a great starting blade for the Iai enthusiast.

The un-edged blades of these japanese swords are crafted in 400 series stainless steel with a simulated hamon and are fully tempered to withstand repeated drawing and practice cutting strokes. Each blade features a bo-hi (groove), which both reduces blade weight and produces an audible feedback when practice cutting strokes are made correctly.
White Same w/ Black Cotton Ito & Sageo Etched Wave Tsuba, Fuchi & Kashira
Copper Menuki, Habaki, Seppa & Shitodome
Blade length: 26“
Handle length: 10 3/4”
Overall length: 39 1/2“
                                                                                                    Weight: 1lb 15oz
                                                                                                    Point of Balance: 4 1/2"

                                                                                                    Width at Guard: 1.27"
                                                                                                    Width at Tip: .80"
                                                                                                    Thickness at Guard: .23"
                                                                                                    Thickness at Tip: .21"
                                                                                                     Forge Suggested: $309.00

            SPECIAL $254

Standard Broadsword with Scabbard

This is NOT the $209 CAS Iberia Broadsword but a very good and more affordable version. Same cord wrapped handle, same sharpened blade, and same unique top access scabbard but at $55.20 just a quarter of the CAS price.


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