We have put together a special price for foam sparring gear sets. We all know how expensive that can get so if you are in need, check it out down below. With the savings, it's like getting the head gear FREE. Again, any questions please feel free to contact me. If you would like to see photos of these products and/or would like to see the actual retail prices, check out this link to their site:


Another saving is that we do not charge shipping but they will.

Sparring gear comes in 5 colors (red, blue, black, silver,white) and is subject to availability. All items are plus tax.

Foam Sparring Gear

Lightning Head Gear                retail $   29.95                   set price $   25.46

Lightning Metal Cage               retail $   64.95                   set price $   55.21

Lightning Fist  (punch)            retail $   29.95                   set price $   25.46
Lightning Kick                           retail $   29.95                   set price $   25.46 Lightning Shin                           retail $   19.95                   set price $   16.96

Mouth Piece w/Case                 retail $     4.00                   set price $     3.40                                                                      total $ 178.75                                total $151.95

SAVE $26.80

Don't worry, if you don't need the entire set, you can still get the special set price if you purchase a minimum of 3 items (pairs).

These are subject to state tax. All items are upon availability.

Prices are subject to change without notice but we will try to keep it as close as possible should a change occur.

Whttp://awma.com/index.cfm/action/shop/level/8.htme have a special deal for those who need complete sets of sparring gear. We know it can get price and in this economy that's a tough sell. However, we have partnered with a company that is offering us greater discounts by set. So if you or your child are in need of foam sparring gear, check out the offerings below.

Sparring Gear Prices

Lightning Head Gear                  retail  $  29.95                                 set price $   25.46

Lightning Metal Cage                 retail $   64.95                                 set price $   55.21

Lightning Fist             http://awma.com/index.cfm/action/shop/level/8.htm                  retail $   22.95                                 set price $   19.51

Lightning Kick                              retail $   22.95                                  set price $  19.51

Lightning Shin                             retail $    19.95                                  set price $  16.96

                                                                 $   160.75                                        total $136.65

If you do not need all, the set price will still be applicable for a minimum of 3 pc.s or se